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NDX offers only archival-quality, acid-free record storage boxes that are far superior in quality but cost less then the office supply stores. 

File Boxes: The most common is the Standard Records Storage Box, 1.2 Cubic Ft. Legal Letter (LL)  It’s the perfect size, 10x12x15, so anyone in your office can handle it and designed so that you can  instantly  assemble it with one motion.  It is very strong and durable because of its double walled construction. This box is twice the quality and less expensive than the standard office supply store box and it's available for $2.50 each, delivered to your door (minimum of 10).

Architectural Boxes for architectural drawings, posters, maps, etc. are available.
Check Boxes – Different sizes available. Call for sizes                                                           

X-Ray Cartons -  for  x-ray, mammogram, and MRI films.

Transmittal Forms:  for indexing items to be stored.  We have file level and box level forms.   Learn more.

Box Bar Code Labels: NDX Archives will supply the barcode labels for your boxes. These are to be placed on the front of the boxes.


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